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A company may choose to cross-border list to boost its status as a truly global player, raise debt or equity, increase trading volume, improve shareholder relations, enhance its visibility among overseas investors and consumers, tap into retail and institutional funds and benefit from changing global attitudes toward equity investing.

By listing on a European Stock Exchange a company can enhance its global status. Cross-border listing can attract media interest in the host country, thereby improving brand awareness and corporate image. This can be a valuable asset for companies in the consumer products sector and other groups that depend on product or service recognition and visibility, possibly leading to spillover benefits for product or service-market sales.

The diversification of a company's shareholder base spreads their financial risk in the same way that diversifying a portfolio can spread investment risk. This can alter the volatility and liquidity levels of a stock. For most companies this is a positive development. Institutional Interest : Most European fund managers consider the following factors most important: the company's fundamentals, the quality, skill and accessibility of management, leadership position in the market, the scope and scale of the competition, and the stock's liquidity, particularly for small and mid-cap stocks.

Cross Border Listing Background ...