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Venture Services Most emerging growth companies have difficulty in attaining brokerage/analyst coverage because of the rules set by the major wire houses. Merger Law Associates Limited will showcase your company to financial professionals and institutional investors throughout Europe by using a variety of proven and effective methods. We currently have in place established relationships with firms throughout Europe who are receptive to examining our corporate clients business plans and will continuously strive to create new relationships for them. Our experienced corporate finance team take the time to understand the individual needs of each client. Our goal is to deliver flexible financial solutions, customized to the needs of their business. Mutual relationships of trust have always been the key to Merger Law Associates Limited and its network partners. Over the past several years, we have built close relationships with international companies in the financial marketplace who have made our global network both unique and competitive. We use this network and our experience to provide high quality financial services to a global selection of corporate clients. Additionally, Merger Law Associates Limited assists its corporate clients looking to place debt, equity and hybrid instruments in order to enhance capitalization, finance capital investments and monetize undervalued assets. We also can assist in arranging off-balance sheet financing with various European financial institutions.  Additional Business Services Business Communications Business Plans: Over the years, we have developed an approach to business plan writing that clients value beyond our simply putting pen to paper. A dry, analytical document crammed with technical jargon and MBA-speak makes it difficult to actually communicate your business vision. We strongly believe that a more narrative and descriptive document that speaks in plain English and communicates ideas clearly is much more effective. Our goal is to have a document that reads as well as an interesting magazine article. We believe in simplifying complex issues to allow the reader to fully comprehend the key variables that will determine the company’s success. Writing a business plan is a multi-tiered process in which we act as catalysts to create open discussion of strategic issues. Our clients value our consultation process as much as the final written document. Investor and regulatory communications: Our team takes a multi-disciplinary approach to all of the written submissions, regulatory documentation and investor related documents, with experts in legal, regulatory filing and financial analysis. Strategic Planning: The business landscape is changing at accelerating rates. Companies must be agile, and incorporate critical thinking in their business processes to continue to thrive. Merger Law Associates offers a variety of consulting services that can help identify the key factors in your company tied to long-term success. Our multi-disciplinary team will spend time developing an understanding of your company’s unique needs and then tailor solutions that are relevant, actionable and strategically sound. o Facilitated planning meetings o Strategic Planning workshops . Strategic analysis . Managing change . Competitive positioning . Analysis of business models . Organization Structure Design and Analysis . Innovation and creativity . Planning for growth . Enhancing management skills o Executive coaching o Marketing plan development o Financial planning o Technology consulting for startups and emerging growth companies . Business model development . Technology analysis and review . Development of strategic partnerships and alliances