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Why Europe?

The European markets have been very strong, especially in Germany, and there is a strong demand from both private and institutional investors in Europe to invest in small-cap and medium size public companies in the U.S. and Australia. An effective way of achieving a higher market-cap and additional sponsorship for your corporation is via a Cross-Border Listing (dual listing) - i.e. NASDAQ/AMEX and a European Stock Exchange.

According to exchange data at their website, 45 percent of Europe's top 300 companies have their primary listing on the London or Frankfurt exchanges. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB) is by far the largest of the eight German stock exchanges. It ranks third in the world behind NYSE and NASDAQ.

Since the launch of Xetra, its electronic trading platform, it has offered its clients not only floor trading through brokers but also fully-electronic trading facilities, whereby orders from any point in the globe are automatically inputted into the order book on the central computer. The FWB was founded over four hundred years ago in 1585. The FWB is operated by Deutsche Börse AG. We have the expertise in assisting you with all of the applications and filing requirements to have you approved for trading within a few of weeks after the first applications are in.

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